Fiart 40 Genius

Those who spend their life gazing at the horizon never stop going beyond it.This is what led us to create the 40 Genius.A no-frills yacht all about design, wherever you look, style and substance go hand in hand.A hard shell for more sporty navigation and a welcoming heart to satisfy every wish thanks to its two internal layouts:3 cabins and 1 bathroom, 2 cabins and 2 bathrooms.

Maximum Length (Lmax) 11,87 m
Hull Length (Lh) 11,56 m
Max Beam (Bmax) 3,88 m
Cabin Height 1,95 m
Fuel Capacity 740 lt
Fresh Water Capacity 400 lt
Displacement (With Engine) 8,8 t
Berths 6/7
Capacity 10
Ce: Design Category B
2 X 300 HP Volvo Penta - D4 300 EVC